Is your Energy by Design or by Default?

Are you ready to empty the head trash that's getting in the way of your mid-life cash?

When you are aligned, you must thrive!

As awakened entrepreneurs, we are a community that believes in the power of love and has an equally strong focus on the bottom line.

It’s time for you to make more money without the constant struggle.

There’s a secret that some of the most successful entrepreneurs on the planet have been using for years.

It’s not a marketing strategy.

It’s not a website plug in.


It’s why Google now has meditation rooms in its offices.

Millionaire mogul Richard Branson uses it.

So does Oprah.

You see, every single one of us has an energy Grid, a system that determines how well abundance flows to us and through us. Money, optimal health, love, and success are all determined by how well our system is functioning.

When we start to feel down, drained, uncertain or sad; when things seem hard and we start to convince ourselves that we may never win, something is happening inside of us.


Much like when your car is stuck in a traffic jam, when your energy system is in gridlock, you can’t go anywhere. Gridlock is when your energy system actually begins to work against you, blocking all forms of abundance from reaching you.

  • Ever feel like you're working yourself to death but still not making money?
  • Does it seem to come more easily for other people?
  • Have you found yourself questioning if you even have what it takes?
  • Does money seem to come in but never stay for long?

If so, there’s a good chance that you’re experiencing a glitch in your system. And I can help.

Cindia Carrere

I’m Cindia Carrere and I specialize in helping entrepreneurs work in partnership with their energy so that they can stop struggling and start succeeding.

When you find your wealth coordinates and clear your “roadblocks” you become hardwired to receive the wealth and abundance that is your birthright.

There are two choices—continue to struggle, or align your energy for the abundance that is already within your reach.

When you are aligned, you must thrive!

The Heart: Your most powerful business tool


What people are saying:

Chantal (Miss Vivajoy)

"Cindia is a walking miracle worker! I am amazed at how much release can be felt after a session with her."

Chantal (Miss Vivajoy), Blossom With Joy
Lisa Anna Palmer

"I was thrilled that Cindia was able to help me get a crystal clear answer and make sense of what was buried deep in within. I am very grateful for this gift of insight. Thank you Cindia – you were amazing!”

Lisa Anna Palmer, Cattelan Palmer Consulting
Mark Porteous

"Working with Cindia has been very helpful in understanding the hidden blocks that have been sabotaging my success. Her unique method of reprogramming the Human Operating System is quick and very powerful!"

Mark Porteous, Inspired Messengers Network