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I believe in helping you clarify your vision and making it a reality.

__About Cindia:

Raised in a conservative spiritual community, Cindia experienced firsthand how people believed they could either live a life of service or have their material needs met, but not both. Driven to prove otherwise, she uses her Divine gifts to help you get your money, business, and life aligned with your soul’s calling. A trusted Intuitive for Awakening Entrepreneurs, Cindia is able to:

  • perceive Energy and Money Grids
  • clear the energetic pathways for prosperity to flow
  • eliminate limiting beliefs
  • answer questions and provide clarity of direction
  • create a safe space to play and have fun while delving deep into issues that are sabotaging success

As a certified coach and an award winning author, Cindia is a bridge between Spirit and Strategy.

Whether you're trying to increase your visibility, confidently express your value, or grow your financial results and self worth — you need an aligned energy Grid in place. With laser precision, Cindia's unique energy alignment and intuitive strategies quickly reveal, remove and heal the invisible blocks standing in the way of your goals.

Yes, you can have Spiritual fulfillment AND financial freedom . . . in the same lifetime!

Cindia Carrere

When she's not writing, working with clients, leading workshops or speaking to groups, Cindia enjoys spending time with Groom and their two pesky cats in their garden sanctuary, or traveling this beautiful planet and taking photographs.

Praise for Cindia:

Gina Caruso Hussar

"Cindia Carrere is extraordinary at blending her understanding and expertise of energy work with a very tangible result of abundance and prosperity. I was floored by her intuitive insight and her ability to combine spirit with business strategy. This is the kind of thing that smart business owners are tapping into. I highly recommend Cindia. You go in to get one block cleared and walk out with decade’s worth of other blocks shifted and released!"

Gina Caruso Hussar, The Miracle Lab
Elizabeth Kipp

"Cindia Carrere helped me clear energetic blocks and better see into my life. Cindia is a gifted and powerful energy worker, and a keen and deep listener. I have benefitted greatly from working with her by gaining both insight into my life and momentum to move forward with grace and ease."

Elizabeth Kipp, Health Practitioner
Marie Grace Berg

"I’m in awe! Cindia Carrere exudes so much good energy. The weight on my shoulders is so much lighter. Her energy is so powerful. She transmits such high energy. I respect her so much and what she does. It’s so much easier to do business and be successful when you have her facilitating you, when you’re in her energy field."

Marie Grace Berg, Today's Leading Women

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