Are You Calling Your Own Shots?

Grace Notes
“We all have that inner voice that is wise, even if we don’t always follow it. It’s that voice I’m trying to listen to. ” 
~ Ray LaMontagne

Who’s the Master and Commander of your Universe?

Everyone has an authority figure in their head, whether it’s a tyrannical voice announcing you’re not good enough or worthy (the default setting of the ego overcompensating and going to extremes to prove that you are), old wounds running roughshod, or a parent whose absence has created a void that cannot seem to be filled.

Whose approval do you crave — the world’s, the mean girls, the opposite sex, money?

Your Angels have shown up to suggest that — just for today — you seek no one’s approval.

Listen to your own heartbeat, the bass rhythm of the one song, the Uni-verse. God has your back, but does God have your heart?

The Divine is besotted with you — don’t let it go for too long unrequited. Your peace of mind is too important to waste on someone or something that treats you wrong.

New question: Who do you want to be the Master and Commander of your universe?

With love,
The Angels