Blind Spots Prevent Objectivity

Grace Notes
“We all have a blind spot and it’s shaped exactly like us.” 
~ Junot Diaz

What mystifies you are your blind spots. If you could see what’s hovering right there at the edge then you could follow the trail, seek the clues and find the truth-ness.

When dealing with humans, there is no “truth” — it’s what he saw, she said, they felt. Subjective truth, angular perspective, bent sightlines.

Blind spots are gaps in your vision. If eyes are windows to the soul, then your ability to see clearly is hindered by the shades being drawn. Blind spots prevent objectivity.

Your angels are here to warn that most humans, instead of using a mirror to investigate what’s hindering the view, they just make up stories and fill in those line-of-sight gaps with make-believe…

“He didn’t do ______, so that means he doesn’t love me” or “she did ______, so that means she doesn’t care” or “they did ______, so that means I must not be good enough.”

The phrase “so that means” = story time, make-believe world.

A lot of pain and hurt in this realm is caused by filling in the gaps through the distorted lens of old wounds.

Get your eyes checked. Recognize the mirrors and reflections revealed to you, and seek the truth-ness.

With love,
The Angels