Fear Is Far Too Expensive

Grace Notes
“Love is what we were born with. Fear is what we learned here.” 
~ Marianne Williamson

Fear is a currency that spreads like wildfire. 

The interest on fear, however, subtracts from your bottom line, and the only increase fear brings is drama and all its divisive friends.

Fear is expensive — it comes with multiple penalties of worry, surcharges of anxiety and feeling over-taxed.

Fear is a bully, and ITS greatest fear is that you’ll catch on, stand your ground and stand up to it! When that happens, fear turns on itself and you can walk away hassle free.

Love is the currency loaded with incentives. Wisely investing in love yields massive internal wealth which then grows into sustainable net worth.

But, fear is very attractive. It attracts late fees, overdrafts, and can bankrupt your heart.

Love comes with bonuses, raises and an overall high quality of life.

Living in fear is an invitation to scarcity, lack and poverty, either in the flesh or in your inner realm.

Living in love offers a life of luxury.

And guess what? You’re the landlord of both — it’s your call.

With love,
The Angels