Let The New Day Spark You

Grace Notes
“With the new day comes new strength and new thoughts.” 
~ Eleanor Roosevelt

Today is a new day.

Yes, your Angels know you’ve heard this before and it may even sound like, “blah blah blah” right now. But, if you truly understood what that meant, your excitement would spark and flame your mojo. You’d be en fuego!

A new day means your slate is wiped clean like an etch-a-sketch.

Your power is at its most potent NOW.

You have a new canvas upon which to paint, you have a new song to sing.Your past is done when YOU decide it is. The future isn’t here yet, so what you have is this magic moment. Seize this day!

Fresh opportunities are waiting for you to notice and choose them. Money wants to come play with you. Love desires you. Time has some extra for you.

Whaddya’ say? Are you going to stay stuck creating the same ol’ same ol’, or are you going to act like this is the new day that it is?

With love,
The Angels