Why Hire An Intuitive And Energy
Alignment Specialist?

This is how it was designed to be, this is what we are awakening to.” ~ Carrie Roldan

As an Entrepreneur, you understand that you are creating a business for a certain lifestyle. If you can get the business right, you know you can help a lot of people.

But life is busy.

We are often working so hard and so much, (while raising families and being partners, etc.)
that we don’t often take a good hard look at what our underlying issues are. Who has the time these days? There are bills to pay and appointments to keep!

So here’s the truth.

If something isn’t working; if you’re frustrated; if you’re working hard and not making enough money; if you feel drained by how you are spending your day, then you need a tune up. You’re in gridlock and you need to clear it.

If your pipes were clogged, you wouldn’t let it go. You wouldn’t hope it worked itself out. You would call in a professional plumber before it got messy!

Your abundance and prosperity deserve that same attention.

Every day is your life style. I can help you create the one you want to live.

When you hire me as an Intuitive, I walk with you on your entrepreneurial journey to an abundant future without the baggage of your past. I help you free yourself of things that are draining you, so you can focus on the things that energize you.

I can help you clear blockages, find the clarity you’ve been seeking, and serve as a mirror to help you discover your blind spots.

Who hires an Intuitive
and Energy Alignment Specialist?

Entrepreneurs who:

  • Know they have a big message but feel overwhelm or even disbelief that they could have such a large vision.
  • Want to live a life of total abundance and integrated wealth.
  • Are ready to stop struggling and take their business to the next level.
  • Are ready to release issues like not feeling “good enough,” secret shame, guilt, insecurities, or self-doubt — and replace those things with confidence and peace.
  • Have been told they need to become more visible, including social media, but have a resistance to it.
  • Are having difficulty defining and achieving their life’s purpose.
  • Want help designing their vision and implementing it.
  • Are Professionals suffering from Post Traumatic Corporate Disorder who are looking to escape the corporate world and turn their passion into profit.
  • Need to find their Soul Match with clients and in business, life or love.
  • Are wondering what to do next and would like to find out EXACTLY what actions to take?
  • Have questions about a particular situation.
  • Are ready to go from struggle and frustration to ease and flow.

Entrepreneurs who want to master the art of and align their energy for:

  • their next launch, webinar, teleseminar, or Google Hangout
  • marketing, advertising, and the sales conversation
  • public speaking, interviews, or podcasts
  • learning tech stuff and social media
  • writing their book, blog or opt-in
  • creating videos
  • charging enough for their services
  • confidence for visibility
  • creating products, programs and online courses
  • developing workshops and retreats
  • growing their list
  • hiring a VA, project manager or other professional services
  • learning to delegate and outsource

This is the business strategy you haven’t tried yet and very likely, the one that makes all the difference in the world for you.

Work with Cindia

What people are saying:

Gayle Nowak Gayle Nowak, The Story Stylist

"Cindia helped me release an emotional trauma that has stymied me for nearly 30 years. With swift and gentle precision, Cindia guided me to clear and heal this pain that had been blocking me from not just money but a deeper level of love and connection with my family, friends and clients. After our work together, my heart feels limitless, the energy is flowing and I finally feel like the real me. I feel so at peace with myself, and the cherry on top is that I've earned $7,875 in sales within 3 weeks of clearing this block. Cindia has done for me in short order what no one else could do!"

Carrie Roldan Carrie Roldan, Your Business BFF

"Working with Cindia has been nothing short of a gift from the Universe.  I have struggled with money and worthiness my entire adult life, and after just a few sessions, I feel freer than I have in years, and am already seeing real monetary evidence as well as incredible opportunities.  Money has begun to flow where there was only fear, anxiety, and constriction before, and I feel like I am on a new creative plane. Cindia's work has validated my lifelong dreams and shown me a clear path to reach them.  I feel so much closer to Source, and feel my own intuitive gifts heightened as a result of working with her."

Lisa Keller Lisa Keller, Design Your Health

"Cindia is able to guide me in finding the root of the different issues — and many of the blocks occurred without my conscious awareness. This is allowing me to be able to work on my business and still balance my life; which is a new concept for me. I have been so worried about time I cut out most everything I enjoy to make time for the business, and now I realize there was enough time for both. Thank you Cindia for your help and support in this healing process."

Kim Still Kim Still, Marketing Manager

"Cindia has an adept and supportive way of freeing blockages and helping to direct energies – she’s like a midwife for the birth of bold, new, heart-centered endeavors."