One day I had a sacred vision that radically changed my life.
Maybe it will change yours, too.


Since I was a little girl, I was keenly aware I had intuitive gifts.

As an adult, my husband and I were successful jewelry designers for 22 years, traveling the country, selling out our inventory every year.

You could say we were perpetually in flow, and this really was because intuitively I knew exactly what jewelry to make. At the end of the year, every year, we would be left with only a few pieces that hadn’t sold out of the thousands of pieces we’d created.

While I loved what we did, at some point, I started to feel restless, something I refer to as “joyful discontent.”

Perhaps you’ve experienced it too: While we had a good life, my spirit was calling me to more, but I didn’t know what.

Then we were given a test … one day my inner guidance told me firmly to give away all of our jewelry and inventory. GIVE away, not sell. But if we did this, we would be left with no other means to an income. Why were we being asked to do such a thing?

I reluctantly told my husband and his reaction was, “Okay, I trust your guidance.” Within three days we had given away all of our inventory.

And then we waited. And prayed. And I cried – what I dubbed my “wet meditation.” We still had no visible means of support. I felt like utter panic would be quite justified and we were both becoming afraid, not know what our next step was supposed to be.

Another six weeks passed. Then, while sitting at the dining room table with my husband, I experienced a series of images coming at me from out of the blue.

Equations and numbers were rapidly flashing before me, and then a movie played – an image of lightning striking the earth and lighting up the entire globe at once.

I was in the middle of experiencing a life-changing “download,” a gift from the Divine in the form of a vision.

The “movie” was of the entire globe being lit up and it revealed what I called an Energy Grid – I could literally see that you have an Energy Grid, I have one, that the earth, sun, moon and stars each have one, too. That every person and animal on the planet has one, and how they are all interconnected. It was an awe-inspiring experience.

I was shown energetic longitudes and latitudes like on a map, and that this “webbing” is the foundation for all of our energy fields. It is the conduit for the Intelligent Substance that flows to us and through us, like the blood vessels for our blood, and the highways for our automobiles.

It is the channel through which our energy moves ... or, as sometimes happens, gets stuck.

I saw how some people’s Grids are messed up, and understood in that moment that I was being given a gift to help repair them.

In our experience as humans, there’s the physical side of life, what we can understand with our senses ... what we can see, touch, hear, smell and feel.

And then there’s the invisible side of life, that of pure potentiality and possibilities, inspiration, ideas and thought.

I was shown that everything has a power Source and we are no exception. You can think of your Energy Grid as your very own “Soular” Panel spelled
s-o-u-l-a-r, because we are each powered by the soul.

Your Grid is your personal connection to God, and is designed so that Divine or “Source” energy can flow through you unfettered, manifesting Itself as your intentions, dreams, soul’s purpose and personal message.

That is why it is so important for you to be energetically aligned and whole.

Your Grid isn’t made up of random blobs of color like in a lava lamp, but is comprised of the essential pathways in your Human Operating System where energy flows in logical, intelligent sequences ... unless it has blocks, gaps, or funky stuff embedded in it.

If your Grid structure is damaged, until it gets repaired, repatterned, or realigned, it can feel like it won’t matter what you do, your results will be unchangeable and unimprovable.

This is because your Grid is your energetic signature. That unique imprint is revealed externally in everything you do and have and create in your life.

How your energy flows – or is blocked – shows itself in your relationships, your prosperity, your creativity and even your health and body.

Since that day several years ago at the dining room table, I have been given many more divine downloads about what causes a person’s Energy Grid to become blocked, have gaps or funky stuff in it, and how to remove it, fix it or heal it.

Do you suspect your energy grid may be a bit of out whack?

Although there are many ways it can show up, you might:

  • Be aware you have “blocks” to something you want to happen in your life, but haven’t been able to clear these blocks with what you’ve already tried.
  • Know something is off in one or more areas of your life, but you can’t seem to figure out which beliefs, wounds or life experiences are causing your frustrations let alone how to fix them.
  • Have reached a frustrating threshold in your business income and haven't been able to move beyond it ... and notice that even when you succeed in increasing your business revenues, your personal income does not seem to rise.
  • Long for an advocate for your bold dreams and audacious-feeling goals who is in it for the long haul. You wish you had someone who can tune in to see your misalignments and show you what’s really going on and really get to know you.

Since my initial download, I’ve worked with dozens of entrepreneurs who’ve worked hard to create profitable businesses, but could not seem to get it past a certain level.

Some of these people felt constantly depleted and drained in their former careers and hoped having their own business would be different, only to find themselves feeling the same way as before.

Many of my clients are so smart, but are too much in their heads, and are ready to connect with their intuitive guidance and heart’s true desires.

Some, too, have had other areas of their lives where things seemed off. They might long for a truly compatible, loving partner, or feel creatively blocked. They might even feel disconnected from who they truly are, and wish to feel more whole.

Whatever it is that you think about day and night is a clue to your deepest desire. It’s also a powerful clue as to where your energy blocks and imbalances are working against you.

If you suspect that your Energy Grid might be the problem
you are invited to explore further by requesting a
$97 Energy Grid Activation Session
(that’s almost 90% off my regular rates!)

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Because I’m a Truth Guide and must be transparent. I have demands on my time and can’t possibly serve everyone who has blocks. Pulling back the curtain and giving you a look behind the scenes, the truth is, there are a lot of “tire kickers” out there on the world wide web, many people who hunt for free sessions but are not yet ready to invest in themselves.

While my heart wants to serve everyone, not everyone wants to be served, so I have found a way that allows you and me to see if we’re a good match. I’m inviting you to book an hour with me at a deeply discounted rate so that it’s not a risk for either one of us.

If $97 is too steep for you at this moment, then that lets us both know right up front. While my prices for products and programs are very accessible, my 1:1 private sessions are usually reserved for women who make at least 6-Figures, or for women who are poised to breakthrough that first 100K barrier.

To begin the process of seeing whether working with me on your Energy Grid could be the right solution for you to achieve your goals, dreams and desires, click the button below.

What if I told you that it’s all possible,
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In this 60-minute Energy Grid Activation Session, with a blend of energy reading and intuitive insights, we will begin to assess your Energy Grid and the blocks that have been sabotaging your efforts, possibly for your whole life!

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Gayle Nowak

"Cindia helped me release an emotional trauma that has stymied me for nearly 30 years. With swift and gentle precision, Cindia guided me to clear and heal this pain that had been blocking me from not just money but a deeper level of love and connection with my family, friends and clients. After our work together, my heart feels limitless, the energy is flowing and I finally feel like the real me. I feel so at peace with myself, and the cherry on top is that I've earned $7,875 in sales within 3 weeks of clearing this block. Cindia has done for me in short order what no one else could do!"

Gayle Nowak, The Story Stylist


Finally understanding that the problem is not you, or your idea, or your skill set, but a block in your Energy Grid that can be cleared and released once and for all!

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I get it! If you want to make more money, (And feel great about how you’re making it!) you need to align your energy Grid to a higher money frequency and to do that, you need help!

But here’s where a lot of people (and quite frankly a lot of ‘experts’) get it wrong.

You can’t just focus on MONEY.

Money is a by-product of BALANCE.

You see we each have a wheel of core values within us. And each section of the wheel represents a sacred part of life that must be functioning and balanced in order for us to feel totally fulfilled.

We’ve all seen the miserable millionaire and we’ve all seen the generous but dirt poor missionary.

Neither of them is enjoying the full potential of their Energy Grid.

But you can!

How ready are you to get the help you need?

This is for you if you:

  • Want to live a life of total abundance and integrated wealth. (Because yes, you can make a massive impact and a great living!)
  • Are ready to shift your focus to what you are creating rather than what is keeping you stuck. It’s a subtle difference, but a potent one!
  • Are ready to take your business to the next level without compromising your integrity.
  • Are ready to release issues like not feeling “good enough,” secret shame and resentment, guilt, insecurities, or self-doubt— and replace those things with confidence and peace.
  • Are having difficulty defining and achieving your life’s purpose.
  • Want guidance designing your vision and implementing it so you can stop wondering what you’re meant to create, teach or sell.
  • Are wondering what to do next and would like to find out EXACTLY what actions to take?
  • Have questions about a particular situation.
  • Want to align your work with your values and with high frequencies of abundance for the most successful launches, products and programs.
Kelly Jo Murphy

Before being introduced to Cindia, I had been growing and working on myself for years. Many of the things I tried would work for a while and then back to the same old thing. So when she offered to help me with an issue that had been affecting my life and business for years that I just couldn't seem to shake, I was a bit skeptical if this would just be another thing that only worked temporarily. Was I wrong! With only the first session, what we cleared to change my energy around that area, I am still using and making even bigger strides with it. I keep going back to what happened with her help to go deeper on issues that I thought I had "fixed" but kept creeping back in. Now, I can very quickly bounce back from something that used to take me weeks, months and (don't tell anyone!) years! What a relief to know that her way of helping me keeps helping me over and over again. Thank you Cindia!

Kelly Jo Murphy, Sales Conversion Strategist

Maybe you feel like you’ve been hitting a wall for a long time. You have. It’s an energetic block that stands directly between you and your personal, spiritual and financial goals.

But it CAN be removed.

This is the business strategy you haven’t tried yet!

Yes! I’m ready to schedule my Energy Grid Activation Session
Stefania Maggi Stefania Maggi, Author, Researcher, Child Advocate

Cindia Carrere is truly gifted. She has a very unique combination of great intuition, good sense, and a pragmatic approach to problem solving. She is changing my life in ways I have never imagined to be possible. I am beginning to know the real meaning of words, like clarity and peace.


RoseAnn Janzen RoseAnn Janzen, Reveal Your Life

Cindia and I connected at a rather low point in my life when I thought things weren’t working and I was thinking of giving up.  Not only did she help me see what I couldn’t see about myself (and then help me change what I wanted to change), but she gave me the greater gift of helping me see how I am and will be impacting the world.  I am so grateful for that.


Important Note From Cindia:

I’m so looking forward to speaking with you and helping you repair your Energy Grid. In order to make the most of our time together, I will be asking some questions to better understand you and the needs of your business.

At the end of our conversation, whatever is most appropriate depending on your particular situation and needs, I may make some resource recommendations such as books, programs I'm aware of, referring a colleague, or, if it's in your best interest, I may invite you to work with me personally, or with one of my programs that best suits your desired destination. My energetic contract to YOU is to always recommend what I feel will facilitate the highest level of expansion for you.

Sound good? Great, then let’s get started!

In Love & Light,

Maura Smith Maura Smith, Life Fulfillment Mastery

Cindia Carrere helps people Manifest. She helps them connect, and then collapse barriers to what’s in their way. I can generate the money whenever I want. It’s now easy! If that’s my intention, then I know I can do that.

I wanted more clarity about what I wanted clarity on, and I got it with Cindia!

Linda Murray Linda Murray, Carbiculture Advocate

The leaps and bounds for progress in partnership with Cindia Carrere over a group of sessions were amazing.

Some unknown (to me) blockage was cleared to make way for this wonderful progress.  During each session my soul chose the direction and Cindia worked her magic from there.

I highly recommend Cindia’s compassionate style and her Healing Grid wisdom to anyone.

Click here to reserve your spot for just $97!