You Are Beautiful To Behold

Grace Notes
“It’s no good being too easily swayed by people’s opinions. You have to believe in yourself.” 
~ Donatella Versace

The Angels regard you highly.

They see you as you really are — your essence — and wish you could see you as you really are. Your soul is beautiful to behold.

As you go on your earth-walk, and put miles and years on it, your soul becomes imprinted with other people’s opinions — which are often taken as fact.

Opinions are preferences, judgments and sometimes prejudices, and belong only to the manufacturer, not to you — even though they might have been projected directly onto you.

Most opinions are not even necessarily based on truth or knowledge, but from conjured points of view. Valid for one, nonsensical to another. Over time your soul has taken hits, received overlays, and has been bruised, but still it shines.

Your light is valuable.

You are worthy.

You deserve.

You are enough.

Believe in yourself. We do.

With love,
The Angels