Your Portfolio of Inner Luxury

Grace Notes
“Whatever you appreciate and give thanks for will increase in your life.” 
~ Sanaya Roman

The effort you put into fretting about problems would net you millions of blessings — if only you redirected that energy toward your vast wealth of solutions.

Would you rather be stinkin’ rich in your currency of worry-problems, or prosperous in possibilities? The choice is yours.

You have free will and can spend your assets (time, energy and thoughts) any way you like.

Speaking of like . . . if you like your results, Bravo! Well done, keep doing what you’re doing as you build your portfolio of abundance and inner luxury.

If you don’t like your current yield, channel your power into the Field of Appreciation, where gratitude acts as a multiplier.

Increase is a law of the universe and it will work for you every time. However, what are you increasing?

Fear and financial freak-out or love and limitless possibilities?
Fretting or fun?
Worrying or winning?

And you know what’s so cool about all this? As usual, it’s up to you!

With love,
The Angels